Accident = Dinner

Thai Pig (Boar)I was sure sorry to see him go. I actually liked the little fella, running around the yard, rooting around the dirt, and the funny noise he made, kind of like an ‘oink’ but with a bit of an attitude. He’s not really a pig, more of a boar (I think) and he had a little friend who managed to survive. This one met with an unfortunate accident so what else could we do but eat the little guy. Hey, nothing wasted here in Thailand, and when all was said and done there wasn’t much left of him. Thai’s eat a lot of pork, and sometimes I think there’s more pigs then people, especially out in the countryside. I’ve seen pigs transported in many funny ways, but alas this one just happened to pretty much fall in our laps. It’s not that grizzly, and after all its just food. But first you need to burn of the hair and then give him a bit of a scrap and wash, after that put an apple in his mouth and in a few hours he’s good to go.


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