Hungry Elvis makes some Fantan Bread

Fanton bread muffinRed Elvis got up this morning hungrier then a hibernating bear (yes that hungry). He wasn’t sure if he wanted a muffin, a roll, or a biscuit so he decided to make something in-between. This kind of looks like a bit of all rolled into one. He thinks its called Fantan Bread but he isn’t so sure. Golly, this was easy, make the dough with some buttermilk, cut it into squares, stuff some junk in between (brown sugar, butter, cinnamon) and top it off with some walnuts (or not). So you let it sit for 45 minutes, then bake it at 375 for round a bout 20 minutes, and this is what you all get! Not bad, goes good with the coffee and there pretty small so he can eat a few. He made them with a muffin pan; not the jumbo and not the mini…Nice Elvis, let’s eat. Make about a dozen with the three cup flour recipe, and about 10 minutes of working the dough by hand, cos Elvis is a real man.


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