Pork Shu Mai Elvis Style

This is the kind of stuff a single man (if he could make it) would eat over the sink, a beer in one hand, and a pair of chopsticks in the other. No need to set your pork shu mai_self a fancy plate, with candles and a bottle of wine, just dig on in. Called “Shu Mai” it’s really just a pork dumpling rolled and steamed. The rolling part is a bit of a challenge but the filling takes about 5 minutes if you have a food processor, or close to 20 if you don’t. This goes along with the shrimp variety I made last night, took the pictures and the bloody camera just went a bit snafu. Lost the picture, ate the food before I got the chance to take a new one, over the sink, drinking a beer. What’s so special about a pork dumpling you may ask? Well let me tell you—better than anything you’ll get at a local place, tastier and a lot less money. Elvis scores today. These are made with pork (or course) carrot, ginger, green onion, cilantro stems (the heck with that leafy junk that taste like soap), some flour (glue), soy sauce, sesame oil and sugar (mirin is better). You can steam them in a pot, cup and plate method, and they take about 20-25 minutes.


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