Pumpkin Biscuits Elvis Style

pumpkin walnut biscuitLast night I was looking for something in the cupboard and this gud-dang can a pumpkin hit me on top of my big fat melon of a head! Don’t worry, I’m OK, I guess my head is harder than most. Well, for the rest of the night I just stared at this can of pumpkin wondering how I was going to get even (I’m that kind of person). I was thinking and thinking and thinking (then I went to bed), and it struck me like a lightning bolt thrown from Mount Olympus by that guy named Zeus. Hell, I’ll just make you into a biscuit. So, that’s what I did, adding a bit of walnuts and topping it off with some white glaze. Mighty tasty Elvis thinks, and pretty easy—after all it’s just a biscuit.


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