Red Elvis Buys a Yoshi Knife (thumbs way down)

yoshi bladeMy Yoshi knife doesn’t cut it. It makes me think of when I was a teenager, staying up late and watching the Midnight Special on TV. I’d wait and wait and wait to see some band I liked, or some cheap music video strung together from stuff I’ve already seen—falling asleep and waking to some weird guy cutting food with something called the Ginsu Knife. Ok, I know, I know, this is not a magic knife and I got it for 12.99 and it actually comes with a vegetable peeler which is very cool. Yes, it doesn’t chop, you can’t use it on glass, it won’t cut an alligator in half, and you shouldn’t bring this knife to a gunfight (or a knife fight for that matter). It can cut cucumbers paper-thin, wow, and a tomato too! Holy cow what a find, a 12.99 tomato-cutting machine. I did a bad job on my sushi (yes I wet the blade) and it couldn’t really cut the cucumbers lengthwise, so I used my cheap old un-sharp knife. So, in a very unscientific test, cheap and old beats white and new  hands down. I cut my finger, ouch. So I know it will do that.


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