Muffin Madness at the Red Elvis

cc muffin cinamonI’m looking for an easy muffin recipe because 1.) I’m lazy, the incredibly 100% kind, and 2.) Because I’m thinking, and maybe this is how my stupid little brain works—if you have one all purpose one you can mix and match, throw in a few things, leave out some others etc., etc. OK, so I perfected the brown sugar and cinnamon muffin, which is so damn easy, even an idiot like me can make it, and covered it with a nice brown sugar and honey glaze. Next, added some cream cheese, and a bit of blackberry jam (without glaze). Hey, they were pretty damn good as well. Tonight, I did a bit of a freak out and created some kind of concoction that started out as a muffin with coffee cake crumbs and morphed into something with a chocolate glaze that tasted really awesome (oh I used that word). The glaze was made with chocolate chips, corn syrup, and butter, melted in my half assed double boiler (a wok with a bowel in it), then thrown into a food processor with some walnuts, milk, and powdered sugar. Good results with that, a thick or thin (what ever floats your boat) chocolate nut glaze. So, the Red Elvis mystery surprise muffin, which looks kind of strange but taste pretty good. There it’s done, what else could I do but put a bit more powdered sugar on top. What a mess.


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