Elvis and his Dinner with the Folks

the folksHappy belated New Year! Thank you now put on some clothes you crazy hippies! Jesus Dad, put your trousers on, and Mom stop showing me those things! Elvis on his yearly holiday—with the ‘folks’—at their Palm Springs Nudist/Vegan colony. Well, it’s not really a colony, more a sub-division, and they do have a no-clothes rule in the house, which usually goes into a three-day hiatus once he walks through the door. Tofutti Turkey anyone? How about some tasteless salad with gluten free gluten thrown on top, no milk, cheese made from stuff he never heard of and a few crunchy and otherwise tasteless treats made especially for him. What no Coffee? I think its time to put you both in a home, or shout ‘Baker Act’ while we’re driving your solar powered golf cart to the organic market. Mom and Dad caught in their perpetually loving embrace (stop me if I’m getting obscene), his semi-eraser head hairstyle, that was cool in the 80’s, and Mom reminding him a bit too much of the Angela Merkel photo taken at a beach in the South of France…


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