Happy Birthday Elvis, you know who you are, alive and well and living in Thailand

bacon green onion biscuitsI love my biscuits. These are like ramp biscuits, with bacon and green onion. Is there a secret, no not at all, I guess it’s all in the wrist, like throwing a curveball. I was listening to NPR, and they were talking about a birthday of a famous person, my friend’s namesake who loved peanut butter sandwiches that I think were fried in lard and made with bananas. So they said this guy would be 75 today, and he had many problems, one of which was that he drank too many milkshakes with bacon in them. Hence, the idea of making something with bacon. I think this milkshake had bourbon in it as well, along with peanut butter and a bunch of other stuff that may be bad for you—though I don’t know having already eaten six or seven of these bad boys without gaining one tiny ounce. I use baking soda, and crème of tarter—because? Well I don’t know, green onions, and not the nice fleshy parts of the onion but the bottom half that’s actually green. Buttermilk, and butter, folding, folding, and cutting with a cool biscuit cutter…


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