recipe madness, and the pursuit of actual ‘correct’ web recipes – ok mr. fancy

honey cheese bun 2Not bad. Drizzled in honey and stuffed with cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, and some ground almonds. The weird thing about recipes from the web is that they are so often wrong. Maybe it’s where I live, the humidity, the heat, the proximately to earth shattering blasts from construction equipment, or those damn leaf blowers that I hate so much. I cry, rise dough, rise, and then I’m left with a runny pile of yellowish slimy stuff that looks as if I just pulled it from the bottom of my boot! HA! Two cups of flower, oh really? I’ll take your two cups and I’ll raise you another cup. There, I beat you now mine looks better. Now gently cover your brownie mix with a cup of condensed milk, see how it just sits there looking so pretty? Right, mine looks like shit. You must not have followed those directions I copied from my friend Sally’s brother in law Herb, who got it from Jane. I can’t read your font, why don’t you use Arial, instead of some flowery weirdness that looks like it’s straight from a Hallmark greeting card Good God man, get with it! OK, 3 cups of flower and 1 cup of butter milk and it’s OK, shaping up, looks like a real lump of dough, you know smooth and silky looking like it should look. So, what ‘s the point? The damn things looked good and people loved them, and I’m pretty popular because people get to stuff their faces for free.

“Hey man, these are good.” “Thanks, have another.” “Don’t mind if I do.”

Did I say 20 minutes at 375, oh I meant 18 minutes at 350, or 190c.


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