Just Be Polite and Eat the Brains

Cow-Brain-Curry-RecipeCambodia, 2009. I think it was January, but i can’t be sure. We arrived after dark, and I remember almost hitting a cow. Why can’t cows cross the street like everyone else? Ugly looking things. That night we ate at some dodgy place in Samlot city, near the Cardomen mountains. Walking home we felt a bit like a few of Hun Sen’s bag men, shining our cell phone lights in the street, trying to avoid potholes, and sleeping farm animals. The dog’s were barking, there was a new sheriff in town. We ate bush meat. Who the hell knows what it was but it tasted OK, maybe pig, boar, or something disguised as ‘pig’ or’ boar.’ No, not chicken certainly, some kind of weird deer maybe, the kind that barks like a dog. We stayed at a ‘love hotel’ with a red light outside my door. In the morning I removed a scorpion from inside my boot.

The next night we stayed with a friend in his wilderness ‘hidey hole’ and his wife cooked us dinner, a nice woman that made soy milk by day and then stood over a hot open fire and cooked the silly foreigners some food, as we just sat there like dumb-asses and drank our beer. She served us brains–not human ones–but it certainly looked human-like and I’m assuming that all brains look pretty much the same, which is kind of humbling. Ha, listen we’re going to eat now, and I must warn you that you probably don’t eat this back in the capital—but since you are MY special guests at my jungle ‘hidey hole’ we’ (my wife and I) have prepared a special treat for you. so dig in boys, and please don’t insult the wife by refusing. Remember it’s a long way back to civilization, so ‘just be polite and eat the brains.’


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