Elvis Recommends Two Thai Food Blogs …

Red Elvis enjoys his food, especially wthai market in Laun Sanghen it’s good, and especially when it’s good Thai food. With that said, he’ll eat just about anywhere or anything, though he has a tendency to avoid places like Koh San Road (Bangkok), and the whole Banana Pancake eating crowd. Call him a snob if you must, and the aversion to banana pancakes has nothing to do with bananas or pancakes two foods which he with out a doubt enjoys.

For you at home—wherever that may be—Elvis would like to recommend two Thai food websites, which he always consults for his excursions into the kitchen and culinary pleasures. One is a bit on the ordinary side, and what he means is that the recipes can best be described as basic. That doesn’t mean that they’re not good, it only means that it’s something that you can do if you’ve never had the pleasure of cooking Thai before and want to whip up a batch of Pad Thai, or Fried Pork with Basil.

The other is a bit on the hi-so side (as my wife likes to say), and it takes a bit more effort and ingredients some of which you may find locally and others which you may have to order online. So why are these two connected in his (my) mind, well the first recommendation called the Thai Supermarket Online has the distinction of not only offering really good and authentic recipes but is also one of the largest online providers of Thai specialty foods, plus it has great street vendor videos which are amazing.

If you are going hi-end check out SheSimmers.com, for a bit of classy fare, and maybe even a peek at the actual menu and food served when our President was in Thailand talking shop with the Prime Minister.  SheSimmers is hosted by Leela Punyaratabandhu and is created in memory of her mother who inspired her to cook. Both awesome sites and keeps it going when things get a bit stale.

Let me know if there are others that I have missed, you can just recommend them in the comments section below.


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