Sage & Garlic Fantan Mini Bread (Red Elvis Recipe)

Sage & Garlic FantanThese little guys are pretty good–add the sage and roasted garlic for a nice savory taste. It certainly seems like you can do a lot with this recipe as far as adding and subtracting ingredients. This was a bit of an experiment and it came out very well, tasty and peels apart rather nicely. It’s a pretty low maintenance kind of bread, and you could probably even get away with rolling them into a crescent type roll as well. I’m thinking about trying a mini-bagel variety, so I’ll let you know. Here’s the recipe and I used a biscuit cutter–round and fluted to make the layers.

Sage & Garlic Fantans

 3 ¼ cups flours

1cup buttermilk

3 tbs. shortening

1 tsp salt

1 package rapid rise yeast

1 egg

2 tsp sugar

3 tbs. roasted garlic blending in food processor

2 tbs. sage

Pinch each Parmesan cheese and nutmeg (can leave out)

 Cut fresh sage into small pieces; add to 3 tablespoons roasted garlic

Heat milk add yeast add sugar and let stand for 15 minutes

 Sift your flour and salt; add beaten egg, melted shortening/oil into milk, and your sage/garlic mixture.

 Then pour over flour and mix with wooden spoon until well-mixed, let rest for 10 minutes and then knead for 8-10 minutes

 Let dough rise for one hour, punch down, and refrigerate for a bit so dough is easier to work with

 Roll out and cut into squares or as I did use a small biscuit cutter to shape (I find this way easier). Stack squares with a bit of melted butter between them, and place into a muffin pan. Let rise for about 30-40 minutes then bake 15-18 minutes in preheated oven (375-400 degrees)


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