Did General Tso Really Exist, and If he did What’s with his Chicken?

Kai from cooking with Kai shouted at me through the computer screen. Mine is better than yours. No way!  Why because your Asian and I’m just a Farang? How do I know you’re Asian, I only see your hands on the YouTube video, cooking General Tso’s Chickenjoy sweet and spicy. We both fry our chicken using tender bits of tasty chicken (I use thigh meat). I use ginger and green onions, a clove or two of garlic and so do you. What’s your issue man? My hands aren’t on YouTube but that’s easy. What did you say? You use Hoisan sauce? Ok, big shot I use Oyster Sauce and Miran, a dash of rice vinegar and some diced carrots. Ha, top that YouTube star! I toss too, stirring my chicken in a thickened sauce coating it with all that good stuff and then throw in some sesame seeds.

Look, you want the authentic GTC then go to any ole Chinese resteraunt and they’ll make it for you—though I’m turned off by it because it’s too sweet and not at all spicy. Ha, I put a few Thai chilies in mine, which makes it a tad sweet and a lot spicier. It’s not really Chinese food they say, and I doubt there was ever a guy named General Tso and that he stopped fighting long enough to make some chicken. Actually this dish was invented in the late 70’s from what I read, and it would never fly in China—

This is a bit old, but I saw this in Newsweek. American ‘Chinese’ Food Comes to China…


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