The Greatest Invention in The World

More beer drinking idiocy.steamed dumpling

Red Elvis keeps putting his Pall Malls in the refrigerator.

God knows what’s in the freezer. I once sublet an apartment in New York City and the previous tenant kept his mail in there. I found it in the middle of a block of ice (true story).

Ladies and gentleman I come here before you on Yee Ole Blog to tell you about the greatest invention on earth.


I’ll tell you (honestly). If someone put me in the middle of the jungle with this invention and an aluminum pan I could cook just about anything. Of course I’d need some matches or my a handy Zippo lighter, and yes some pork or shrimp, and shallots, garlic…Ok, you get the picture.

Well, maybe I’d make it through the day and into the early evening—but when it got dark I’d probably cry for my mother. Get me out of here!!!

My Bamboo steamer goes just about anywhere, it’s light weight and if I wasn’t cooking with it I could wear it as a hat, or swat 1 pound mosquitoes.


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