Red Elvis Goes All Weird on Me

“Why so glum today Elvis…?”

He just grunted and pulled at the stubble on his chin. “Hmmmm?”

I knew something was out of the ordinary, there was Elvis sitting in a Kimono his face painted like a Kabuki dancer. I tried to act like it was nothing out of the ordinary, as difficult as that was.asian creme buns

Imagine trying your hardest to ignore a 200 pound man sitting on your couch looking like this. It’s near impossible. Last time it got this bad he looked like a disheveled samurai master, with a can of beer in his hand, really poorly done, but he was trying.

It was that video he kept watching on YouTube. A Japanese starlet fumbling her way through which undoubtedly is one of the best pastries on earth, the Japanese Sweet Bun. I couldn’t bear to see my friend suffer any longer, alas I’m a humane and caring individual, plus he looked ridiculous and we were having people over! So I made some dough starter, working deep into the night and crafted what I thought was the ultimate homage (down right rip-off) to those lovely treats.

With out further ado I lovingly present to you the Red Elvis Asian Sweet Bun, since my wife is Thai, and she enjoys them as well I had to leave off the Japanese part.  Because as you know everything was invented in Thailand (and I say this to preserve my marriage).


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