Donut Fever the Saga of Cake vs. Yeast

Donut Fever

Donut Fever

“Cake!” “No, yeast.” “Think Dunkin.” “Here’s a Krispy Kreme in your eye.” “Traitor.” “Listen I made those sweet buns for you, and got you out of your slump so back me up…”

When I think donuts I think yeast. I’m jonsin’ for one of those glazed bad boys, and a cup of good old-fashioned American style coffee. They don’t have Krispy Kreme in Thailand (yet), all they have is a place called Mr. Donut, and if you’re in a hurry forgetta bout it. I refer to the place—with affection of course—as Mr. Slo-Nut, which reinforces what I’ve said all along—The Thai’s really are the Italians of Southeast Asia, great food but hey, what’s your hurry…So what if I’m four hours late, we have no time here. What’s that silly westerner? We invented time, didn’t like it and sent it packing!!

I digress, as I have been known to do. The topic again? Ahh yes, Donuts. Fried cake, fried glazed cake, fried cake with cream in the middle, hey sounds weird to me Elvis. “Dunkin!” Sure I like it too, but after the morning rush they’re pretty useless, and you know me I like my sleep as much as the next man.

I still haven’t mastered the yeast donut yet, and it going to take a lot to get used to. But so far it’s been OK, can’t complain, and it’s a welcome respite to Mr. Slo-nut and their heavily processed and manufactured, mass produced hunk of God knows what. I use potato, ¼ cup and made a 3 cup flour batch with a 2 inch donut cutter so there a bit small (like the Thai’s), and your basic butter, confectionary sugar glaze. I got about 40 mini’s out of it. I ain’t going to get rich selling donuts, but well, money isn’t everything when you have your health and a bucket full of Krispy Elvis’s at your finger tips. I think next time I’ll try bread flour and see if it makes any difference. The rest you can get off any old website…


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