Elvis Says Buy “Phnom Penh Mann (a Novel)”

Phnom Penh MannSweeping, that’s how I would describe it. An epic, as well.

Thanks Elvis.
A few typos.

Yes, thanks for reminding me. I drank a bit too much in those days…

Oh SORRY, Mr. troubled writer with your drinking. Who do you think you are Falkner?

You sound like my mother, cut it out. I created you and I can surely put you back on the shelf, Mr. Red Elvis…

Ok, I’ll say something nice. Your book is funny and it’s a good read. I can’t stand it when someone writes about a place and he’s never been there, but you my friend, wow you really did a lot.

Thanks, Elvis.

Yes, so follow this link and buy Chris’ book, and it’s cheap and you can read it in bed, or on the subway, or while your taking a bath. It’s called “Phnom Penh Mann,” also available on smashwords and Amazon.com (Kindle addition)

(apologies for this piece of SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION, but after all…)


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