The Art of Bread Making and Motorcycle Riding (Part 1)

Cheese & Chive BreadAdventures in bread making, he said. My life is boring, yes really dull. A few short years ago I was prowling around the Cambodian countryside on a motorbike. Fun stuff, but you know you can’t live the same life year after year, it’s not possible, and if you think you can then you’re setting yourself up for some real headaches, either that or you’re a fool.

Back to bread. Making bread is hard. Well, making it is fairly simple but making it good is another matter…

There’s a lot of talk on the Internet about what is good bread, and how you should make it, handle the dough, the oven to use, etc etc, and on and on until it gets quite boring. Hey, I’m a simple man, if I make bread a few times and it’s better than wonder bread, I’m very happy. As a matter of fact at this point I’m happy about my bread making skills, and so what if I make it in an oven, or in muffin trays, or in aluminum foil pans—I’m not a snob, and I’m not one to call myself an expert after a few attempts.

Back to motorcycle riding. Is it better than making bread? Hell yes! But you can do both. You can be a hard drinking, motorcycle riding bread maker. That’s what I aspire to, though I hate the hangover that’s associated with the hard drinking part so maybe I’ll make bread instead.

This is made with cheese and chive and it’s very tasty (if I may say so). It’s your basic bread recipe, and I added one cup shredded cheese and 5 tablespoon chives. I was thinking while I was kneading my dough, next month in Chiang Rai I will go on a trip to Mae Sai along the Myanmar border, down to Route 1089 and across to Fang. After that I’m not sure yet, maybe to Pai, or maybe to Mae Hong Song.

I suppose it’s all about balance, he says, which sounds pretty cliché and all, but in a way every cliché has some truth to it.

Bread making and motorcycle riding are a lot alike. Sometime you ride and you get lost, or maybe you need to back track once or twice. When making bread sometimes you fail, and sometimes things work out. That’s life I suppose, enjoy it while you can—eat more bread and keep riding until your ass hurts and then ride some more.


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