They Might be Giants, or Mini Cheese Cakes

Oreo Cheese Cake MiniLast night I had a dream that I was a giant. I was dreaming giant sized dreams and sleeping in a giant sized bed. This giant was hungry and he got up and went into his giant kitchen. Alas the truck-sized cupboards were bare except for a box of Oreo cookies. He held the tiny box in his giant hand; fumbling with his giant fingers he finally opened it and placed one mini cookie on his giant table. Hell, I’m going to need to eat boxes and boxes of these, he thought, and conjured up at least a dozen more (Did I tell you? He’s also a magic giant).

For a giant, eating extra small Oreo cooking is a bit like a regular sized person eating lettuce. You burn more calories just chewing them with your giant sized teeth then gain by actually eating the tiny little things. Yes, it certainly is a burden being myself as a giant. Three boxes of cookies later the giant was sprawled out sick on his kitchen floor but still a tad bit hungry.

What a horrible dream! Giants, Oreo cookies, hard kitchen floors, fumbling about in the middle of the night using giant sized energy just to open a small box of cookies.

I was hungry and grabbed my computer, since I was normal sized now my computer didn’t feel like a matchbox in my hands, it felt good. Weird giant, go to work, searching for something good so us little people can eat and feel sated…

Make me a cheesecake; a mini one, using those left over cookies, the dozen or so you didn’t eat. Make it with crushed cookies on the bottom, and put one of those minis on top for decoration, a bit of eye candy as you’re searching for ways for averaged sized people to enjoy something sweet.

So, I present to you the mini cheesecake, with mini cookie on top. This giant fable is complete, go forth and eat, and leave some for me.


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