The Things we Eat

Horse meat, never tried it (intentionally, that is). I’m not a fan of things out of a box, and when it says 100 percent pure beef, I’m a bit dubious.

I can tell you, from experience that people around the world eat some very different things. I won’t use the world strange because that would go against all that my travels have taught me.

What a person eats is his or her own personal choice and that’s how it should be.

I know in Vietnam they eat dog, and I know this is true because I’ve seen it with my own eyes, and you can trust your own eyes to a certain extent, seeing a dog in a cage, and seeing ladies feeling their haunches leads me to believe that this is the case. Seeing a dog’s head on a platter pretty much seals it.

I once saw a couple of Cambodian cowboys with a rope fashioned into a lasso chasing a dog down near the River Bassac. I’m sure this wasn’t just some silly game they were playing, I’m pretty surespider candy_4988 they were a couple of hungry lads. Again, my eyes don’t lie.

When we traveled in the countryside away from the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh, we pretty much ate what was available. Do you want meat, they would ask us? Sure serve it up a bit hungry I am. Pig or bush meat, deer, or something that looked like a deer, wild boar, I couldn’t tell you, but it’s not my place to refuse what’s offered. Bush meat anyone?

My friend Sinoun told me once that as a girl she’d eat anything that her father pulled out of the jungle. Fair enough, she didn’t have the luxury of running down to the grocery store and she was dirt poor. Her boss at the Lyon D’or hotel in Phnom Penh called her ‘Neak Sre’ which means, when translated – Rice Girl. Actually if prepared properly rat is quite tasty, as well as frog, snake, and pigeon…

I rather enjoy this documentary called, Hinduism’s Sacred Animal, so in their eyes I suppose we’re barbarians. Probably not, most likely they’re too busy living their lives to care what we eat…


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