When They Lose Your Luggage, There’s Always Noodle Soup

yoo fish ballChina Eastern Air misplaced my luggage. I can’t say lost because that isn’t correct. My bags were temporarily in limbo arriving in Bangkok two days after I did. They served pretty terrible food and a Chinese woman fell asleep on my shoulder, not at all romantic considering the woman in question was not my wife.

I did lose something; my window seat to a five-year old, which really hurt since I paid close to full fare, and for what the kid paid he should have sat in the cargo hole next to my misplaced luggage. I swear the kid gave me a dirty look, or perhaps he just reacted to the dirty look I tossed his way.

Today my wife and I (my real wife) finally ventured out, heading off to Chinatown in Bangkok, eating at a little place called YOO FISH BALL, probably the best dry noodle soup I’ve ever eaten, and the price is good too (60 Baht). “Many people,” she said about Chinatown, knowing how much I hate crowds, actually people in general congregating in large groups, but I soldiered on, because crowds are people too you know. Plus I actually had clean clothes…

So if you’re ever in Bangkok look for YOO FISH BALL, an unappetizing name, but actually quite tasty, and if you’re not a fan of people you can sit near the back and stare at the wall—or better still, just concentrate on what you’re eating

Yoo Fish Ball

423 Yaowaraj Road

Samphantawong, Bangkok 10100


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