On the Road with Red Elvis – Chaing Mai to Udon Thani by VIP Bus

bus to udon thaniI realize that the phrase ‘VIP’ and the word ‘bus’ are usually not used together in normal conversation…

For example, the sentence, lets take that VIP bus to Udon Thani would sound silly, correct?  Let’s get real, VIP means very important persons (person) so what VIP in their right mind would take a bus anywhere. VIP-ness is reserved for private jets, yachts, luxury suites, tropical islands, or penthouse apartments.

Bus travel?

But wait, this VIP bus had red satin curtains on the windows, and a sound system up front. What but a VIP bus would have these kind of accoutrement, correct? This VIP and his wife boarded the fancy satin-curtained bus at 8pm for our trip to Udon Thani. We got a blanket, real VIP-like, a small bottle of water, and a snack in a bag. I felt big, like a real high roller, but a tad less than a millionaire.

“What’s that smell?” I asked Ms. Red.

“Toilet,” she said

Wow, this bus even has a toilet, now I’m up there with the big boys, captains of industry, computer wonks, and Saudi oil barons.

“This snack taste stale,” I said as a mosquito buzzed past my ear. We even got to watch a Jackie Chan movie on the entertainment system, talk about CLASS. I like this VIP-ness.

I did forget to mention one important part of the journey. As I slept and dreamed of satin sheets and my new champagne life, the bus blew up.

Did he just say the bus blew up?

Well, that would sound like a bit of an exaggeration, sure I’m sitting here very much alive writing this…

Let’s just say the VIP bus acted more like a 57 Chevy driven hard, without oil, up a big hill, many small Thai’s and one big foreigner running for the exit, coughing and out on to the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, at 2.30 in the morning. There was a fire extinguisher involved, and several buckets of water, a small engine fire, and a lot of smoke.

Pass the caviar…

bus  ticket udon thani


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