Thailand Travel, Bus vs. Train (Train Wins Again)

train1I’m pretty tired of taking ‘exploding’ VIP buses around Thailand. No doubt, I’d happily live the rest of my life never having to set foot on one of those lumbering double tiered beasts that prowl the highways and bi-ways of Thailand. Then again, there is always next week…

Red Elvis prefers the train, slow and steady (like him) without the hairpin death curves, lumpy seats, bad food, and toilets that are like small hidey-holes. The train is better, as a matter of fact I love the train, and it even has a bar car and 300 feet off walking around room, as long as you don’t mind opening doors and walking between shifting cars—that can be fun to as long as there is a purpose, i.e., finding the café car, that masquerades as a drinking car (bar car)…

I enjoy a good bar car, as most travelers do. There is nothing like traveling at 60 miles an hour and trying to balance a large beer on a very small table while eating and talking to your wife. This keeps the mind sharp, and it’s good exercise…

Train travel in Thailand is civilized, though the trains are a bit worn, it’s quite comfy, and fun sitting in your bed listening to the train whistle, Thai’s chattering on, and backpackers complaining about the squat toilets. Cheap as well, a variety of different classes, with Red Elvis preferring the second class sleeper which costs about 25 USD (one way). If you are a bit short of money you can sit up front for about 8 USD, and spend a sleepless night on a hard wooden seat with your very own complimentary Thai man sleeping (and snoring) on your shoulder.

Happy New Year, and now that Songkran is over, and I spent three days of having buckets of ice water thrown over me even though it was pouring rain already, I am happy to return to Bangkok. Onward, back North, and I might even take the train again, forget those nasty buses, VIP or otherwise. This traveler prefers the romance of good old fashioned train travel.



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