Beignets in Thailand – Red ELVIS Style

red elvis beignets

She put ketchup on her pizza, didn’t she?

Yes, Red.

That breaks my heart. Yes, it does.

Thai food is so very good, but what surprises me most is the utter disregard they have for the food of other cultures and countries. In my opinion Thai’s are the ultimate food snobs, taking other countries cuisines and Thai-a-fying them (if there is such a word) in the hopes that they can improve on something that is already good. Needs more sugar, they say, hence the Heinz tomato ketchup on pizza, or bread that’s so sweet you can’t even eat it…

Beignets I figured, nice bread dough, my own recipe, a chance to demystify something that is really just fried dough minus the fancy French word (or phrase), give it the New Orleans treatment and just do it in the north of Thailand using what is available here. Bread flour, a little butter, sugar, some oil, and an egg—let us not forget the yeast, and giving it some time to age and then fry them in some soybean oil.

I am happy to report that these are (most likely) the only beignets that you can get in Thailand. I’m not one hundred percent sure, and won’t bet my life savings on it but I’m fairly certain that you’d have a hard time finding them in Thailand.

So for national doughnut month, or whatever it is, and again we missed that it Thailand (Mr. Doughnut was not celebrating that tasty fried treat), I give you Thai fried bread with powered sugar on top, a Thai Beignet which is close enough for Jazz, or better than anything you’ll find with a similar name in Thailand.

I had them with my Thai coffee made in my coffee siphon, American coffee which doesn’t need improving so lets just leave it alone, shall we.


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