Expatriate Goats Living in Thailand

goats2 I was told this goat was French–actually I read it on a sign. Well, the sign was in Thai, but my wife translated, goats, exported from France, living in Thailand–thus the term ‘expatriate’ goat. I asked him if he was enjoying the weather, knowing that, she (it was a girl goat) like myself was born in a cool country and that the whole Thai weather experience was leaving her a bit weary.

I often dream of a cool New York autumn, I can’t speak for the goat.

I am happy to report (for all you animal lovers out there) that the goats are doing well. They have two very spacious cages, plenty of food, and each other as company. The male goat looked particularly happy, considering he is the only male and has eight female companions.

These goats (the female ones) are milked once a day and produce about 25 liters of fresh goat’s milk, which is sold or used to make cakes, ice cream, cheese and main dishes for the cafe. Welcome to Thailand and the Dairy Goat Cafe, a short drive from the city center on the road to Chiang Rai. You can’t miss it, just look for the goats, which are quite rare in Thailand. The Dairy Goat Cafe is very unique in Thailand. It’s not only a home for expatriate French goats and their off spring, but it’s a nice little cafe that has very good food–all goat milk related. We had a nice goat milk cake, a green tea goat milk smoothie, and a cafe latte, made from (you guessed it) goat milk. I even bought some milk to take home with me.

There’s a local man who makes cheese, which is expensive in Thailand–goat milk cheese, and the owner of the cafe makes his own ice cream.

goat cakeIf you’re traveling to Chiang Mai any time soon, take a ride out and see the goats. Say hello, feed the goat kids, and have some food. It’s a bit off the tourist trail, which makes it even nicer. The staff is great, and if you speak French, maybe the goats will understand and feel a little less home sick.

Take the road to Doi Saket, on your way to Chiang Rai–have the green tea milk smoothie, my wife recommends it. They have goat cheese for sale, and if you’re a cheese maker you may even ask the owner for a few liters…



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