Thailand: Martial Law and the art of the selfie

thailand selfie-1It’s all over the papers, on every channel, BBC, CNN and it even made the Huffington Post. Martial law here in Thailand you ask? No, that’s old news, it’s the rise of the selfie, or at the very least having your picture taken with a handsome solider standing next to an M50 machine gun, a tank or an APC. Thai’s are in the midst of political turmoil, their government has been dysfunctional for years and they can stop to take a selfie, that’s just the coolest thing in the world.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder? Hardly. Thai’s just like selfies. Narcissism? Certainly, remembering what my wife and other Thai’s have told me. They’re the best. They believe it so what’s the harm in a few thousand selfies standing next to assorted military hardware. Remember Nero? They guy who fiddled while Rome burned; he was just getting into his own sweet music, his way of relaxing while all around him things were going down the shitter. After all it’s you’re right to take pictures of yourself, sometimes hundreds a day—and who am I or some psychiatrist with a degree, to tell you otherwise.

Now go take a selfie, take two, or ten, keep it up.

I’m listening to patriotic music on the television. It sounds kind of strange, something out of some 1930’s move, and I’m watching some strange military man reading a prepared speech. Looks kind of creepy actually.

Somewhere in Thailand someone is taking a selfie. I’d bet my bottom dollar on it. Of course it’s their home. It certainly isn’t a café, resteraunt, or a fast food place—or one of thousands of food courts, family owned places, or drinking shacks. Why not? Hey, didn’t you hear, that dude wearing the uniform, reading the prepared speech while the creepy 30’s music is playing just announced a Coup D’Etat.

So if you aren’t home you better get a move on. Every thing shuts down at 10pm by order of the National Peace and Order Maintaining Council.



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