Thinking of Visiting Thailand: Try Cambodia Instead (This Guy is in Charge)

Hun+Sen+and+his+generals+%28CNV%29Cambodia, a place I called home for nearly four years. Good old Cambodia, run by the biggest gangster in Southeast Asia, Mr. Hun Sen. Cambodia, an all night party while here in Thailand things close at 10pm and tourists are lucky if they can get a 7 day Visa.

Cambodia isn’t it dangerous? Heck no, Hun Sen keeps the peace by dragging out the old water canon now and again, or having his black uniformed thugs shoot a few dozen poor folk before you can say Angkor Wat. The Thai’s just keep on protesting, running amok and take selfies next to tanks. You won’t get that in Cambodia because most Cambodians are to busy working their collective buts off for a measly two bucks a day. They don’t have the energy to protest.

Don’t worry about your safety, Mr. Hun Sen will guarantee you’ll have a grand old time in his mean little country, as long as you have those American green backs to spend. He even flies overhead in one of his many Bell helicopters just so you’ll feel safe.

That’s how much he cares about you…

Serious up now, will ya? OK, forget Thailand. Why would you want to come here and have to lock yourself in your hotel at 10pm. 10pm? That’s when most of the good stuff around here gets going and you’ll be tucked away in your nice warm bed while army troupes patrol the street.

Why do they get to have all the fun and enjoy the cover of darkness? That should be you out there carousing around and making a jackass out of yourself. Just think what kind of mischief you’ll be into at 10pm in Phnom Penh.

Cambodia. Say it with me. Cambodia. Get your thirty-day tourist Visa at the border, spend a few days in the capital and then go up to Angkor Wat. Beaches you ask? Sure we got ‘em, same as Thailand. Want to stay a bit longer, no worries, you can get yourself a business visa and stay six months if you want. Just make up any old job, farmer, rocket scientist, or Jedi Warrior. They don’t care as long as you pay.

It took me six months to get a work visa in Thailand, and I had to sign so many damn papers I couldn’t use my hand for a week! Forget Thailand, hey Vietnam is nice, Malaysia too, and Laos is a nice little country.

Best of all you won’t feel like you’re on holiday with your old Auntie.  10pm! HA—


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