Thailand: All Quiet on the Northern Front

BoTjZZDCIAA3CVJWhat to do during a coup? I’ve asked myself that for the last three days. I already drove around the city looking for cool military hardware and disciplined troupes, only to see bored skinny teenagers holding M16 and slouching in the 100 degree heat. Dull, this coup, even the patriotic music and recurring theme of ‘everyone just get along’ is pretty light weight stuff. Last night about a few dozen weary Thai’s protested near the Chang Pauk gate, and I did spot a few foreign tourists among the group, which made me a bit angry—considering they can just go home, and I’m here in Dullsville enduring a 10 pm curfew.

Ok, enough with the pity party this Thai coup thing is a pretty serious thing ya’ know.

I took a drive around Chiang Mai today with my wife. Pretty quiet, hence the title. Personally I’ve never seen this place so sleepy It reminds me of the old days (2002 in my case) when Chiang Mai was just a provincial little burg and not the tourist hot spot that it is today. Well, what can I say, staying in doors on holiday in a place known for it heady, free wheeling nightlife is pretty much a buzz kill.

I know my buzz is killed and I’m a homebody, having to get up at 6am five days a week so that I can get to work on time. In my case it’s just the thought of it, living vicariously through you tourists and all the young teachers that consider 10pm just the beginning of the night.

Dull, man. Hit the road to Cambodia, or Vietnam. Even Laos is better and the curfew there is 11pm, though if you’re out and about past it you won’t get tossed in the slammer.

Today the powers that be, i.e., the military invited about 35 more folks in for a little chat. Man I’d love to be a fly on that wall, subtitles and all—also they changed their name to something a bit more user-friendly. The National Peace and Order Maintaining Council is now called simply the National Council for Peace and Order. Apparently with the scheduled start of ASEAN in 2015, and the push for improved English speaking skills the original name was deemed—grammatically incorrect…

Well, at least the TV is back on.


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