Weekend Breadmaking (Thailand), Cinnamon Brioche

cinn briocheI did it because i felt like it.

I did it because I had a hankering for cinnamon. Ha, that’s a funny word, hankering. I think it means having a strong desire for something. Actually it’s more like I felt like making brioche again because its such a different kind of bread to make, even when kneading it feels kind of weird.

I loved using this old ‘grand dad’ type word. Maybe I will find more of them. I love making this bread, it’s a bit snobby and since I’m just your normal every day type of person, I’m feeling a bit superior–Like delusions of grandeur type superior, like “I’m too good for Thailand” superior and maybe I have to move somewhere classier like say Hong Kong.

I did it because there was nothing better to do.

That’s true, there really isn’t. Some people would say that’s pretty damn crazy. I mean you live in Thailand and all maybe you should go into some jungle or ride an elephant, or jump of some cliff, or spend a few days in a hill tribe village performing ancient rituals with the elders. It’s Thailand, man, come on, put a little adventure in your life!!! Well I find most people here a bit dull. Sure I go to the mall too, I shop at the fancy grocery store where all the other foreigners shop.  But, hell, I make bread–so yes maybe I should feel good about myself today.

I made it because I like cinnamon. I mean, who doesn’t like cinnamon. Think of all the delicious things that are made from cinnamon. Pop Tarts for example. I love them and you can even get them in Thailand. In the Topps Market at the mall they even have a little American flag next to them on the shelf telling all the hi-so Thai people that they are actually eating an American delicacy.  I mean it’s up there with caviar and truffles and all the other fancy foodie stuff.

So if you’re feeling a bit like a class act, make some Brioche this week. I did it and I feel pretty good.

Easy Middle Class Brioche

3 cups bread flour

¼ cup milk

3 eggs

2 ¼ teaspoon instant yeast

1 ¼ teaspoon salt

3 tablespoons sugar

110 grams butter

Mix flour, salt, sugar and yeast in a bowl, add the milk and the eggs (I mixed them together first). You should get a shaggy dough; if not add a bit more milk. Last add the very soft butter a few tablespoons at a time. At this point you can knead the dough right in the bowl for about 10 minutes. Cover the dough and let it rise until double in size (Note: This will take longer than the usual dough, after about 2 hours you should get there, if not wait another 1 hour)

Cover and place in the fridge over night.

In the morning roll out the cold dough and shape. Coat your loaf with egg wash. Cook at 190c for about 10 minutes and another 10 minutes at 160 c.



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