Deep in the Heart of Chiang Mai, Some Texas BBQ (Thailand)

texas bbq1Not quite deep in the heart and not so much a real BBQ. Though the girl who placed the order did have a cowboy hat that looked like it was imported directly from China. Sometimes I long for the tasty delicacies of home–real BBQ, you say? Not that real, but the price was right. I had some ribs, and Joy a nice salad with a piece of fish, a big beer and a coke, and all for the oh so steep price of about 350 Baht (about $11). I didn’t mind so much that it was next to a 7/11, and it doubled as a frame shop–but hell, can’t be choosy (right) if you want some BBQ from a place that advertises itself as “TEXAS BBQ.”

I don’t so much claim to be a man of the people, and there are a few of those insufferable foreigners who claim to have gone ‘native.’ Now don’t be shy–you know who you are. I only eat Thai food, ha, or I only drink beer at rice shops, or places with a grill or that serve innards. Well, I find that just as dull as always eating western food. I mean, people need a little variety, and well, I’m the first to admit it, I just get tired of eating the same food day after day, week after week, month…OK, you get the picture.

Steak, TEXAS, BBQ–My wife keeps saying it, like we ate somewhere exotic, loading photos on Facebook (or Book Face) and chatting with her peeps on line–that American stuff we had tonight, ribs, and salad, and ketchup sauce.

Actually it wasn’t bad, and change is good–mix it up a bit, break out, think out of the box, man! Texas BBQ is in Hang Dong, not very central but they have a few locations, way out on the outskirts of the Old City, past the tourists, and the fake hippie shit, and if you’re out in Hang Dong give it a try. So rustle up some grub, or whatever you cowboys say down there in Texas. Try the ribs, or a steak. I hear from a reliable source that the rib eye is mighty good! Texan’s don’t lie, right?

texas bbq3



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