A Rye Bread Recipe From a Guy Named George

rye bread1George if your out there I liked your Rye. Pardon me if I can’t thank you personally but I’m 10,000 miles away. Maybe I’ll drop you an email. Maybe we’ll run into each other some day in a bar near the night bazaar where I have been known to drink under the nom de plume of Henry Mann. Stupid I know, but when I drink I feel like a different person hence the different name. Anyway, like I said, your Rye…

I didn’t roll it into a nice loaf as you did, i just popped it in a bread pan. This is because of my oven, it’s really a toaster oven but uses the nom de plume ‘real oven,’ which is dumb as well, since when you see it in all its glory, it really is just a toaster oven.

Not that I’m making excuses for myself. I’m really trying to protect the identity of that thing which both he (yes it’s a he) and I refer to as an oven. Sometimes you just need to play along with the joke. So I made a sandwich loaf, and I’m sure you don’t mind, you’re probably just happy that someone 10,000 miles away made the same bread that you did, and liked it as much as you did. That’s called validation, but don’t get me started on that.

Anyway, I made a slight variation in your original recipe. I hope you don’t mind. I added coconut oil, 2 tablespoons to be exact. I was going to add a little butter, but since I’m in Thailand the coconut oil was a steal. Plus, I’ve read all these things about coconut oil, and it’s supposed to be good for you. Honey instead of molasses, and I halved the original recipe.

Here is George’s recipe, if you are so inclined.

I liked it, and actually it was really good. the recipe calls for coco powder, which I thought was odd–but I like to stick with what seems to work so I added it. It gives it a nice taste and a really great brown color…Oh yeah, since I can’t get caraway seeds in Thailand I added sunflower seeds to it. Three tables spoons, with one of the tablespoons crushed in a mortar. I like the sunflower seeds better I think.

Anyway, George looks like a good dude. So try the recipe. Tomorrow I’m bringing in the other loaf to my unofficial bread taster, a kid named Nathan. I’m not sure if he has an alter ego or uses any type of fake name, not yet at least. So it’s just Nathan.


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