Making Hokkaido Cup Cakes (Thailand)

hokkaido cakesSometimes I get bored living here. I mean, there’s only so many things to do on the weekend, and its raining now–I got the rainy season blues so much it’s painful. I wanted to make bread thinking it would cheer me up. Not! Didn’t do it, just couldn’t bring myself to the long slog through a bread recipe. Brownies? To easy, and you know most of the brownie recipes out there suck. They look good, but they never taste as good as they look. Pie? Na, never made it, and I’m thinking I’ll spend most of my day in the kitchen, and I just didn’t feel like it.

How about these things? My wife pointed to a photo of what looked like a cup cake, festive in a red liner. I started feeling a bit more cheery, another hour under the sunlamp listening to new age music might help (doubtful). Ok, cupcakes I’m thinking, maybe Sunday after I get out of my funk. You can, as I did watch how to make these cupcakes here. This person has a killer blog, it’s perfect and I can get through the videos because no one talks, and I hate all the stopping and starting, and all the ramblings of the human voice, the fumbling around to grab utensils. Now, you add this, then you stir. Opps forgot this. I can’t seem to work this camera and crack my eggs at the same time, oh silly me I must be boring you all to tears.

My attention span is short, 200 word blogs, 30 minute television shows, the 2.50 second pop song. A book with pictures, you get it. This person is good. No voice just action, and it all goes so quick, so seamless. That’s the way a cooking video is supposed to look, and probably the reason I don’t make one.

Ok, so I tried the cupcakes. Mighty good I would add. I’ve never had one before so I’m just going on taste and texture. Not bad at all, and the next time I make them I will probably whip my egg whites a bit more, so the cake will be a bit lighter. Not bad, and I have another, not bad at all.

Next week I’ll make bread. But this week I enjoyed my Hokkaido Cup Cakes…


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