Dining Out in Chiang Mai (Thailand) on the Cheap, Mu’s Katsu

mus katsu 3Who doesn’t like their meat fried? Well, maybe a few of you don’t. I do, in moderation of course, and living in Thailand I usually don’t splurge on pricey foreign food when I can eat tasty Thai dishes for less than a dollar a pop.

Mu’s Katsu was recommended to me by a friend whose culinary tastes I admire. Hey, he’s a teacher like me, but he seems to eat out a lot, and every morning he usually tells me about what he ate the night before.

I’m a bit jealous, not of him really, but of the fact that he seems to spend a lot of his heard earned cash on food—while I seem to eat at home, bargain hunt at the Thai markets with my wife, and eat fairly modest and common place Thai dishes that my wife cooks in our kitchen.

I was curious and mentioned Mu’s to my wife. “A Japanese place,” I said. “Sushi?” She asked. “No, fried meat,” I told her.

I’m not sure how authentic it is. Japanese Tonkatsu is just fried pork, covered in a tasty sauce of mirin, sake, and rice vinegar, though I suspect our Mu, of the aforementioned place, uses soy sauce in his sauce. Whatever he uses the end result is what counts and Mu’s Katsu is quite good.

I tried the Chicken Katsu Curry, which is fried chicken, covered in a brown Katsu sauce laid over a bed of curried spaghetti. Yes, that’s what I said—getting a choice of rice or spaghetti, and since I haven’t eaten a nice pasta in some time that’s what I had. My wife had the Katsu set— a Pork Tonkatsu, with a side of rice and a delicious salad covered with a light sesame dressing.

Try Mu’s if you’re in Chiang Mai. It’s affordable, and it’s a clean little place run by a Japanese Thai man. It’s in the pricey Nimmenham neighborhood, which is a world in itself, the Thai hi-so class, students, expats, and lots of good places to eat and drink, away from the tourist crowd.

Price: dinner for two with soft drink, 280 baht (9 USD)

mu katsu 2


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