Green Tea Muffins, Why Not (Thailand)

tea muffin greenI’m tired of trying to teach the youth of Thailand how to read and speak in English. Yes, I am. It’s my blood pressure, it’s high, and I’ve been trying this cool meditation thing on YouTube, trouble is it puts me to sleep. I can’t sleep at work, and it’s causing me a lot of stress, so it’s a no win situation, trying to teach the youth of Thailand something like English and trying to relax and sleep at the same time.

I made green tea muffins, maybe it would give me more energy, maybe it would help me relax, maybe the youth of Thailand wouldn’t get on my last nerve, clocking in and out everyday–something I’ve never done before which make me feel like some cog in the great wheel–rusted as it may be–of Thailand.

My wife is away, so there is no one here to speak Thai for me. I know what you’re saying, why don’t you learn Thai yourself. Well, that would make too much sense, and making sense is not what I’ve been put here to do. My reason for being is to lay flat on my back and let the world and all its problems float gently by like some big puffy mellow fluffy white cloud thing. Yes I am lazy, that much I know.

This week the world didn’t look so good–all that bad shit going on, and I haven’t stepped in the kitchen because my wife is gone and I think as some huge joke, she moves things to new places before she leaves and then I can’t find any of the stuff that used to be in the spot it always is in. Make sense, no not really…

sun flower seedsToday I found some green tea, so I ran out bought a bunch of stuff and threw it all together and got a green tea muffin. For some extra crunch, or to make it a bit more healthy I added sunflower seeds, which were ten inches from my nose, so they went in.

This is all green tea themed, at least at the moment, it’s before noon, and things can change at any time. The best thing about today is that my wife will be home soon, and then all things will be put in there proper place, and — The best thing, I’m not standing in front of a bunch of sleepy eyed Thai teenagers daydreaming to my lesson, as I drone on, make inside jokes, try to be glib and charming, and failing miserably.

green tea soda


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