We Love Muffins, or Donuts, or Maybe Donut Muffins (Thailand)

donut muff1We love donuts here, Mister and Dunkin, though it doesn’t taste like it does at home—close enough for government work I guess, beggars can’t be choosers, or whatever that saying is…

Who doesn’t love them, those tasty fried things, if you don’t you must be some sort of dessert philistine, or just taste challenged I guess. What about muffins? Hey love them too, and they’re pretty easy to make so we make quite a few in our house with the small oven. Easy to make and you can do a lot with them.

So what about the collision of the donut and the muffin? Sounds very pleasant doesn’t it? Well, I’m no revolutionary, and I eat what I like, beg, borrow and steal, not creative enough to come up with my own things. With that said, I had a craving for a muffin that was as sweet as a donut, with something like powdered sugar on top, or maybe a nice tasty donut like glaze…

Nothing with a fancy or trendy name like the Cro-Nut, or anything like that, like I said a muffin, and a donut, blended together, and easy—because I’m lazy and didn’t want to make donuts, and fry them, and glaze them, that’s too much for a Wednesday night in Chiang Mai.

So I present to you my version of a donut muffin, very good if I do say so myself, looks quite nice, but instead of just plan sugar I made a nice powdered sugar glaze, substituted the white sugar for half brown sugar, and ½ a cup of natural brown cane sugar.

Better than the local donut, sweeter, and a great breakfast treat, or an after dinner snack with a nice big glass of milk. I used the recipe you can find here. I modified it, exchanging the butter for coconut oil which I can get very cheap in Thailand.


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