Delicious Cheese Muffins, or More Like a Cheese Bread (Thailand)

cheese muf2I like cheese, and who doesn’t. Sorry If I offend you vegan types, but I mean real cheese. Cheese is expensive in Thailand, as it is in most places. If you think of it in relation to your salary back home, it may seem reasonable. If you think of it in relation to your salary here in LOS, then it’s way expensive. I’m jealous of those who can afford cheese, those two salary couples, those expats on a fat pension, or those who work a real job.

—alas yours truly is just a poor teacher, responsible for the education of young Thai’s of various ability levels, though most of them know what cheese is and don’t care for it, unless it’s on a Big Mac.

Now I’m not running around needing my cheese fix, like some of my friends. The weekly cheese run is the highlight of their lives, and that goes to show you how exceedingly dull it can get around here. It must be the heat, or the rain, or just the pace, but that’s for another day.

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, cheese.

Well, as luck would have it I get some for free. Yes, my school gives us a bag of groceries every month which consists of milk, cereal, yogurt (the bad kind), bread (the white kind), bacon (it get’s better), and cheese. And not just cheese food, the real stuff, cheese from Australia, a brand call Anchor, which makes all things dairy and seems to get them into Thailand for a reasonable price…

So I made muffins again. I made cheese muffins. I made them on a Sunday morning thinking I’d have them for breakfast. I did and they were very good–though I’d imagine better if you used a nicer brand of cheese. The recipe is here.

I made them as is, in my cups and got eight nice sized muffins. They were good–another recipe that actually worked, or maybe I just got myself a full nights sleep and I was able to navigate my way around the kitchen, alone this time, without my wife asking me a dozen or so questions, and me telling her how confusing it is trying to understand her Thai-English, process it, and then put it into words that she will understand.cheese muffin

Anyway, that’s my problem. Hey I hot cheese, and some left over for an omelet (cheese and bacon). Anyway, he says, the muffins are good.


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