Delicious Blueberry, Muffins That Is (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

IMG_1449At 180 baht a kilo they ain’t cheap. They grow them in China as well, but I had the good sense to get good old USA blueberries, frozen and shipped half way around the world.

These are to go along with my oranges grown in South Africa and the cheese from Australia, and the olive oil from Italy. Expensive because of the huge tariffs that the Thai’s put on things that they can’t, or won’t grow themselves.

The cheese is good, the oranges fair, and the blueberries, even though frozen are not half bad, and I’m not saying this because I’m some flag waving American, on the contrary…

So what do you do when you have blueberries? You make blueberry muffins, or blueberry pancakes, or blueberry jelly (which my wife made). I’ve always had a soft spot for the muffin, yes easy, I know, but there is a trick to it, so I’ve heard, and the trick is not to mix your batter to much, or you will get gummy muffins.

These came out good–full of the American grown blueberries, and not as sweet. You can get the recipe here.

These are made with yogurt, about a cup, and I substituted half the yogurt (1/2 cup) for about 3/4 cups milk. Yes, I added a bit more milk, and I always need to here–I think because of the humidity in Thailand, or perhaps because of the flour. Flour is something new to the Thai’s and though they produce it locally, and it’s quite cheap, it seems a bit thinner than the flour we use at home. It has the consistency of corn flour, so maybe it absorbs liquid quicker.

blu muff1Also, my personal preference is to lightly rinse the frozen blueberries before using them. Why? I find if I rinse them and then drain them well, and throw them back in the freezer while I am mixing my dry ingredients, I don’t have blue colored blue berry muffins. Which I find more attractive…

It’s tough cooking here as it is. Why make it harder for yourself.

So these are my blueberry muffins, packed with berries, not that sweet and great for a snack of if you’re on the go like I always am.

(p.s.–as you can see I make them in a cup. Muffin liners s**k here, as does parchment paper)



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