Banana Chocolate Muffins for the Gang at Work (Chiang Mai)

bc nuffinThere”s worse things then to be called the muffin man. Much worse. I can think of a few that I’m not going to go into it.

I’m on break for 2 weeks having finished my term teaching the world’s children to read. The Red Elvis family is taking it easy, visiting some sites, and resting up for the new school year. So before I left I decided to make some of my Thai co-teachers some muffins. I bought some bananas and I let them get nice and ripe, the riper the better so I’m told…

I’m getting pretty good at this muffin thing, and the secret (so I’m told) is not to mix them too much, kind of like fold the flour and stuff over until you see a few flour streaks and then the rest is pretty easy. Now I’ve seen some youtube vid’s where the person keeps mixing and mixing until it looks like pancake batter–but as the resident Chiang Mai expert I can’t tell you if this makes a good or bad muffin. I can only tell you that a little mixing seems to do the trick…

I also don’t have such a high opinion of the chocolate you get in these parts. It’s not even called chocolate, they call it compound and checking the label it’s 10-12 percent chocolate and 90 percent sugar. So, I’ll spend the extra money and buy a really good chocolate chip–an American brand (that us American’s know), or maybe mix some really good chips with something of a little lower quality. Enough said, and you really can’t tell the difference anyway (as long as you use half the good stuff).

choco banOK, so I use Hershey, and it’s 190 Baht for a bag–what? 10 0z maybe, so I did splurge a bit figuring my Thai teachers are worth it. Heck, they do the same thing I do except they work more weekends–as a matter of fact when I’m home cooking they’re usually at school which shows you how unfair things can be so why not reward them with something sweet.

It’s the least I can do.

The recipe is pretty standard, near 2 cups flour, backing powder, and soda, oil (no butter for these), about 1 1/2 cup banana and 3/4 cup chips. There’s other stuff in it as well, vanilla for example and 2 eggs, less in my opinion sucks–but that’s just me. You can also toss in a bit of yogurt, which is always good…

Anyway, makes a very good muffin and they’re about as moist as can be. Must be the banana I guess.

I had some nice compliments, but this is Thailand, so most likely they figured my wife made them and I was just passing them off as my own–because you know men are lazy sods in this country and most can’t even use a frying pan, imagine if they had to turn on something called an oven. One of the teachers was amazed that I had a kitchen in my ‘condo,’ again because this is Thailand and everyone seems to have a condo, and because I’m a foreigner and foreigners are born with condos attached to their backs–just like snails I guess.

Muffin, good–stop talking. EAT.

bc 2nuffin


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