On the Road Thailand, Doi Mae Salong by Motorbike (Part 2)

lithome1In Mae Salong your guesthouse options are a bit thin. Not bad, but thin. They kind of run the gamut, which is surprising. You can get a real cheap place, very basic for probably 100-200 baht  a night, and then there is the opposite end of things, a kind of fancy place, more like a spa for probably upwards of 1,600 (or higher) a night.

Depends on the season–because when it rains up in the mountains it really, really rains. I mean I’d hate to get stuck on 1089 in a downpour especially midway between the real road, and the kind of pretend road that leads into Mae Salong. It’s not dangerous or anythings. Just think of it as a fun experience in what should be a lifetime of equally fun experiences. I mean, you need some stories to tell the grand kids if you make it.

coffee 2Where was I going with this? Oh, yeah guesthouses. I personally enjoy sleeping, and where as 10 years ago I might just sleep anywhere and in any old dump, today I’m a bit more choosey. You see, it’s not me–I’ll still sleep in any old dump for 100 baht, but Joy (my wife) usually will not go for it…

Little home. It has such a nice name, and it really is a very good place, probably for the money the best place in Mae Salong. Two nights for 1,200 baht, no air con (fan) but hey this time of year you just don;t need it, having checked the temp, and wearing a jacket as I was drinking my Chang beer my internal thermometer read about 20 c. OK, cool for me because I live here, but maybe if you come from some cold country you may opt for the air con room at 800 baht a night. Pricy you say! Ok you can try the Akha house next door I think that’s the 150 baht a night place which kind of looks like a barn. I’m sure it’s nice though…

tea msActually take the room at the Little House. It’s in a garden, and it’s in the center of this very tiny town. The owner is real nice, he’ll serve you tea and chat with you, something you don’t get that often any more here in LOS. Also, the food was good–and the price was right, 60 0r 70 baht a dish, which is down right cheap up in the mountains considering the nearest ‘big’ town is Mae Chan.

Go to Little Home because it’s a very well run, clean, and comfy place. At night have a few beers in the cafe, and then take a few back to you’re room and sit outside on the real nice wooden chairs, and just relax. Take a deep breath, that’s clean air, not the pollution of Chiang Mai.  Trust me. I’m honest, at least that’s what some people say.

foodmsfood ms 3


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