Oh Thank Heaven! Even Mae Salong Has One (Thailand)

7114Let’s say for a minute you were kidnapped and left in the trunk of a car for three days (it could happen). While you were trapped in said trunk you were driven around all over town, stop and go–a break for gas, car doors slamming. You know, the usual stuff happening while you were locked in a trunk. Then you stop, and sit, and finally the trunk magically pops open! Hey, cool! It’s dark but in the distance you see that familiar logo, the orange, green, and red…

Oh, Thank Heaven’s you shout. It’s a 7/11!!! Because you know after being locked in a trunk for three days, you must be hungry and thirsty and that 7/11 has just about anything you would need, a drink, a hot dog, chips, deodorant (because you would smell), and other essentials…

Now, I’m not sure how familiar you are with Thailand. Never been there? Traveled a few times maybe? But there seems to be an obscene amount of 7/11’s or ‘7’s’ as the Thai’s call them. I mean, no joke, in Bangkok there could be one on every corner of an intersection, and then two, or three 100 meters from those four. I don’t know who owns these 7/11’s (I heard the original US-based company was bought by a big Japanese company), and why they decided that Bangkok needs 7,000 of them, but they all seem to do a brisk business. No wonder Thai’s seem fatter then they did 10 years ago, when there was only 3,500 7/11’s

Thai’s love the 7. They just can’t get enough of it! Some people buy every meal from there, or at least something to take back to their pokey Thai rooms and eat while watching funny Thai TV shows. Now, to my surprise, being a long way from Chiang Mai (which has its own obscene number of 7’s) in a tiny hamlet called Mae Salong I saw the sign, or the light, or whatever you call it.

There is was, oh thank heaven…Now I wasn’t locked in a trunk for three days but i was a bit hungry. Also, on a road trip you forget things, like toothpaste, or you just want a coke, or in my wife’s case a strawberry yogurt.

7112There you are. In all your glory, row upon row of ‘stuff.’ chips and things, and ramen noodles (five different kinds), ice cream, and things you can toss right in the microwave and then get on your bike and go…

Even a machine that sells drinks, ice coffee, Latte, fruity frozen stuff that’s like a slurpy, dozens of cookies, and they even have Oreo’s. Beer of course, Leo, Chang, Singha, and a few imports too!

Hey, you’re not supposed to take photos in here! Sorry, but I’m 315 kilometers from Chiang Mai, and I just got let out of a trunk and I saw the light and all…I just couldn’t help myself. Where am I anyway?

Mae Salong. Where? Where is Mae Salong? Is that near Bangkok? Why is there a 7/11 in the middle of nowhere? I mean across the street is a cliff and if I look down I see miles and miles of nothing…It’s so dark here I can’t even see my hand in front of my face…

Fun fact, there are over 7,600 7/11’s in Thailand…Thailand has the 3rd largest population of 7/11’s after the United States (#1), and Japan (#2), Thai’s think that the ‘7’ is a Thai company, and they also don’t believe man ever landed on the moon.



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