Brown Butter Pull Apart Bread, With Goats Milk (Thailand)

pab2I haven’t had a lot of time to cook lately and it’s bothering me. I don’t know why I don’t make time for things that relax me. All the other stuff in my life–such as teaching–should be placed in a box, tied with a bow, and placed on a shelf for at least the evenings and the weekends. That seems like a rule to live by, but…I guess I just can’t get with it. Work is not important, I tell myself, it’s just teaching Thai kids English. Forgetaboutit! As they say in my old neighborhood.

This weekend was short, only Sunday (we had to work), and the wife is away. I had to do domestic duties, you know, laundry, ironing, washing things, blah, blah–making bread. Did you say making bread? Yes, indeed, had a little bit of time (just a little) so I made some bread. It’s been a long time, and I decided to make something simple–though making bread from scratch is hardly what one would call simple. Just a little bread. the pull apart kind, with a bit of brown butter and goats milk. Sounds a bit fancy, but it’s really not.

First you need motivation. Well, not hard–tasty bread is always a motivation. Something you can have around the house to eat, not the usual fare. Also, I like to share with my friends, and they always enjoy some fresh bread…


I made these with brown butter, something i have never done before. Brown butter gives it a nice taste and also adds a bit of color. I made it in the microwave which worked just as well as making it on the stove top. I also added a bit of goat’s milk, about a 1/4 cup. I really enjoy goat’s milk. It’s kind of rich, and it’d different. It also adds a bit of richness to the bread…

Like all my recipes, this is a modified one, something I got of the web. It looked like it would work, and similar to the fantan bread recipe I made before (without the buttermilk). You can get the recipe here.



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