Cinnamon Rolls on a Sunday, Chiang Mai, Thailand

IMG_1991“What you doing today, dear?”

“Making some food,” I said. I spent Saturday at an English camp. No, I don’t need to practice my English skills, they’re fine (I think). I was, or I am, a teacher, therefore I was ‘required’ to go. In Thailand you can’t say no. So, I got there at 4pm, played some games, ate raw hotdogs, Smores, sang songs (I think), and then slept on the ground.

“Fun,” I said. “Yes, fun.”

The next day we did silly English camp stuff, at at 5pm I was sitting in my living room. I ate and went to bed. My life is exciting, isn’t it? Wow, living in a foreign country, no wonder everyone is jealous of me. I get to go to English camps on my weekends.

The next day I made cinnamon buns. Wait, did I say buns? I meant rolls, since a bun is made in a pan, with other buns touching them, a crowded bun pan, like a crowded New York City subway, all the buns pressed up against one another and when they’re finished cooking you need to dig one out…

I didn’t want that. Too messy, and I was never much good at that, so I made them in a muffin tin. Tightly rolled spirals filled with sugar, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Nice. Any recipe will do. Just keep in mind, when cooking them in muffin pans instead of a pan they don’t need to cook as long. So 15 minutes is enough.

By the way, I hate English camps, but love cinnamon rolls, so things evened out. I got up went to my favorite baking shop, came back, cooked, ate, and the day ended better than the previous day–much, much, much better, and I can’t add enough of the word ‘much’ for emphasis.

Just call me “Mr. Excitement.”



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