Cookies (Chocolate Chips!) For Christmas

cookies c 2Hey there’s some kind of science behind making cookies I hear. I think I read it in the New York Times, or Science America, or that ever popular journal ‘The Science of Cooking Things.” Sure thing.

Now I think I get it. It depends on the butter right? The science of chocolate chips that is. The more butter, the better I guess, but that’s all relative. The less butter the more cake-like (wasn’t that a 90’s band?), and the more you get a chewier cookie. I think that makes sense, doesn’t it?  Also one egg? 2 eggs? I egg (whole) and and 1 egg yoke?  All sounds good to me, cake flour or all purpose?

You see in Thailand it really matters. No, not at all, because cookies have a few ingredients: a small amount of butter, flour, milk powder (I have no clue on this one) and maybe baking powder or corn starch. It makes the cookie experience like eating a milk bone dog biscuit–which I have eaten by the way, not on a dare, just because I felt like it.

Anyway mine where the American version, and I used 2 sticks of butter (not melted)…and all purpose flour.

Who cares about the science of cookies anyway. I make them because I like them, and I give them as Christmas gifts, because though people might think I’m a bit of a scrooge, I do like to give gifts…

jpy cook1Now my wife’s cookies are a bit different, though I finally got her to use a recipe that wasn’t from some Thai video where they put all kinds of nasty stuff in it. Her cookies are more cake like, less butter and she mixed them by hand. Which maybe made a difference, though I’m not sure and refuse thus far to look it up in some science book…

They tasted good and that’s all that matter, right?

So Merry Christmas and go eat some cookies.  As a added bonus watch a Cake-Like video. I think the woman from Reno 911 is the guitar player before she became famous for being funny…


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