Eating on the Cheap, Chan Chiang Mai Noodle Soup

chan6I’ve read somewhere (well actually several places) that all you need to retire in Chiang Mai, Thailand is about $500 dollars a month.

OK, I’ll buy that. About 100 baht a day for food, 4,000 Baht a month for a cheap place to live. If you like to walk, and the inner ring of Chiang Mai (the old city) is walkable. Fruit is cheap, and you may even be able to own, or rent a motorbike (2,000 a month). All that and your grand total would be an amazing 9,000 a month. Throw in another 2,000 for electricity and personal items, gas for the motorbike, and a little throwing around money and that would add up to about 11,000 a month. This would give you another 3,000-4,000 month to spend on something worthwhile, such as beer, and a few DVD’s to watch on your computer–maybe a book if you like to read…soap and toothpaste are a nice thing to have and are not really considered a luxury.

Not much of a life, but if you’re an old geezer it sure beats trying to live life on $500 in the States. That would get you about, well honestly now–NOTHING.

chan2You see at the very least you can eat well. For example, Chan Chiang Mai Noodle Soup is a nice clean place and the most expensive thing on the menu is about 35 baht. So that would take care of lunch (your dish and the free water), and leave you another 65 Baht for dinner and breakfast. Some cheap fruit at the market, and an equally cheap road side noodle stand and you’re all set. Actually this isn’t an endorsement for retiring on $500 a month. I would say that’s nothing short of madness. Think of it, it’s just crazy talk, and I don’t care that some dude on the Internet tells you otherwise…

chan1This is more of an endorsement for food, because I love food, and when the bill for me and my wife (and I had a milk tea) comes out to a whopping 85 Baht it just makes me smile, ear to ear, and want to run down the street and hug everyone, and if you know me I’m just not the hugging type.

I would stay away from the chicken’s feet. Though the Thai’s seem to go crazy over them, which makes me think of all the chickens feet that go to waste in the USA, or probably end up in some ‘mash-up’ dish, say like a McNugget or sausage, or hash dish…

Retire well, eat good food, enjoy yourself–moderation, right, food is cheap here, and so is the beer, but give yourself a little extra–you know like when you have your first heart attack and you need to see a doctor.


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