Supanee Restaurant, Eating on the Samoeng Loop, Chiang Mai (Thailand)

loop2The Samoeng loop is a nice little ride. It’s a 100 kilometer loop, around Doi Sutep, and through the Mae Sai Valley. It starts and ends in Chiang Mia City, and you can do it either taking 107 to Mae Rim, or in the opposite direction starting in Chiang Mai City, heading out toward the airport on Route 108 (to Hang Dong), and then making a right on Route 1269 toward the town of Samoeng…

Samoeng is a nice little town, nothing much to do, but I’d recommend eating at a restaurant called Supanee, good food, fairly good prices, and then buy some strawberries (when in season). From there you can head on toward Pai (about 170 kilometers away), or complete the loop by continuing on Route 1096 toward Mae Rim before heading back to the city on Route 107…

About Supanee–not much of a place, atmosphere wise, and when we arrived we were two of about five other customers. About an hour later, when we left, the place was packed out, mostly Thai kids on big motorbikes presumably on there way to Pai. They didn’t look like they were there for the strawberries, but of course I could be wrong.

loop1So if you can make it to Samoeng, and you would need transport–not a Honda 110 Wave, but something bigger. If you’re nutty enough to put two of you on a Wave 110 you’ll get there (conservatively, LOL) in about 4 hours. That is if you don’t get annoyed at the huge hills and crazy Thai drivers whipping by you at 100 kilometers an hour…

Maybe you can stop over night. There are guesthouses, some of them are pretty funky, and I like the road (1269) from Hang Dong to Samoeng because of the architecture. Obviously someone had a sense of humor, which is nice to see in Thailand where everything seems to look the same.

loop4While your in Samoeng do what everyone else does. Buy some strawberries, and eat at Supanee. I like to see a full restaurant, that means the food is fresh, and the chicken cashew was probably the best I’ve had in Chiang Mai. So Supanee is worth it. I didn’t see much else, and it has a reputation of being the best place to eat in town, know for its noodle soups. The service is pretty good, nothing great but heck you’re in a small town and the place is busy so just go with the flow..

Don’t forget the strawberries…They’re not like the monster kind you get in the USA but hey they’re strawberries. Again, go with the flow like everything else and you’ll have an enjoyable time. It’s a nice 4 hour drive (the complete loop), fairly easy, though there are some big hills and switchbacks. Again, I’d recommend at least a 250 cc bike so you’re back in town in the 3 to 4 hours it should take you to complete the day trip…

And on the way back have a piece of cake…




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