Jok Sompet Restaurant, Good Food, Good Price (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

JS2Today we went out for ice cream. It’s the holiday season here, just like at home, so we are doing a lot of eating. Ice cream was on the list, according to my wife who is pregnant. I didn’t know this and just went with the flow because that is a good thing…

Ice cream. Sure, why not. There was, or is a fancy place near Nimman Road in Chiang Mai and the ice cream is expensive, something like 2 dollars a scoop. What are they kidding?But like I said, the flow, pregnant wife, need I say more, just be Zen-like and happy…”Ice cream,” I said, “OK then, ice cream it is.”

Anyway, it was down a small Soi (street), and there was a major traffic jam–like 50 cars backed up and another 20 or so confused looking locals and tourists waiting to get their 2 dollar a scoop ice cream. I was quietly cursing, the frustration swimming up stream again the major cool Zen-like persona, the happy guy stuck in traffic, driving his pregnant wife–wow she has certainly put on a few pounds, either that or I’m getting weaker.

I wanted no part of it. The ice cream that is…

I suggested a place near the Rich Lanna House, a Chinese place. Forget ice cream, I was hungry for some Kanom Jeeb (Thai dumplings), and Salapao (steamed buns) and I had a place in mind that serves some awesome food. “Let’s go,” I said, “Food, dumplings, ice teas,” Shall we?

JS1Jok Sompet is an unassuming little place. It’s on a corner and from the outside it doesn’t look like much–but in my opinion it has some great food at a very good price. Dim Sum and steamed buns are on the menu. This and a host of other dishes…The Gang Hung Lay (Northern streaky pork in ginger curry) is pretty amazing, and one of the signature dishes. You can’t do much better than this here.

The prices are good, and though the service can be a bit off, and the wait staff a bit surly it’s the kind of off the grid place that I like, away from the tourist crowd…the cars, the confused slack jawed, hungry, ice cream seeking weirdos…

JS4Like I said I like the price. Two-hundred and seventy Baht for 2 dishes, Dim Sum, a pork bun, and a few ice teas. That’s less than 10 dollars and made a fine lunch, better than any 2 dollar scoop of ice cream.

Give it a try, and it always seems to be open, even late at night…JS3


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