SP Chicken, Roasted Chicken & More (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

sp2The school lunches have been terrible. I mean, worse then terrible, god-awful, dreadful, beyond bad (if there is such a thing), served on metal type serving trays–the kind you see in movies about jails. Yes, those kind of movies. But it’s a school I remind myself, I’m free to leave, and eat other things. I’m glad I can do both.

The buzz around these parts is about a place called SP Chicken. Everyone is talking about it. You see there’s nothing much else to do here. If you’ve lived here more than a year, seen all the water falls and the nice temples, the zoo, drove out to Pai, you’ve done most everything. So we are food obsessed. That’s not a bad thing, and  actually the food is good here. This place I’m talking about, or that everyone else is talking about, because I am always the last to get on board, is simply called SP Chicken. They sell a pretty good roasted chicken, among other things.

IMG_1991Someone even wrote a post that SP is one of the best places to eat (out of five or so) in Chiang Mai. He must not have eaten in very many places, I guess–less than I have eaten in. He as well as the next man (or woman) is certainly entitled to his opinion.

I prefer Five Star, kind of a food cart chain, but on a good day I’d crawl on my hands and knees in a snow storm to eat their brand of roasted bird. SP is pretty good–and even though I’d go back, I’m not going to make it a habit.

sp4My wife agrees, and she’s Thai. I trust her opinion about food. She enjoyed the papaya salad–but (and here is her recommendation), there’s a lady who is married to a foreigner and has a small cart near the Waa Waa Coffee on Ratchadamnoen Road that sells the best  Som Tom in town. In her opinion the salad at SP was OK, two shrugs of the shoulders, which means passable.

So SP is worth a visit. It’s not much of a place, and its tucked away on a street next to Wat Pra Sing so you may want to check out their Facebook page for proper directions. It gets crowded, half foreigners and Thai, and it really is friendly which makes it appealing in a certain way (English spoken). It’s clean, and the food is good–though at 350 baht for a few dishes, a beer, and soda it’s on the expensive side of things…

All and all it beats eating slop off a metal tray any day of the week, and if that’s the best I can say about it then….well, that’s all I can say. Isn’t that enough.




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