The Brotherhood Restaurant, Asian Fusion, Chiang Mai, Thailand

bh5Santitham can be a bit rough around the edges at times. Kids on motorbikes, waif like things walking by, you’re thinking they’re teenagers, then you notice the tattoos. A woman digs at some trash with a stick. Yes, Santitham has its charms, and I’m thinking I’m back in the Phnom Penh where everyone looks so seedy, or further back, eating at some new place on Avenue B in the late 1990’s when it was still pretty dodgy…

Santitham brings back memories. But not bad ones, actually a lot of that stuff was pretty pleasant so what I see doesn’t really bother me, it’s just part of the fabric of life I guess. Take it or leave it…

Will mentioned the Brotherhood Restaurant to me a few weeks back. I was busy, and then it was closed for a few days, and then out of the blue my wife mentioned it to me because I had showed her their Facebook page. That brings me to Santitham, a Chiang Mai suburb (for lack of a better word) that only a few years ago I wouldn’t have considered. Nothing there really, somewhat of a scene I guess, but there was better places to eat in town.bh3

Try it…Asian fusion, the owner went to school in Bangkok, and he worked at a high end hotel. I guess it’s all on the Facebook page, but since I don’t look at Facebook I miss a lot of things. So thanks to Will, and my wife for reminding me again about the Brotherhood we ventured outside of our usual comfort zone and gave it a try…

The first thing you notice about it I guess is that it’s in the middle of nowhere, and second, the place is real small, and the rent must be low because his prices are real good–I mean, the food is so good and the prices so low I feel like I’m stealing. It’s got a good mix of Western and Asian food. The spaghetti for example, with seafood, a bit spicy, not quite Asian or Western. The calamari. You can’t beat it (it’s great!) and the price less than 3 dollars (89 baht)…The cheeseburger, one of the best in town, served in a small box (cool idea) with nice crispy fries. My wife had a pink seafood soup (Thai) which was amazing.

bh7Back again, second time, and the man seems to remember us. One big Leo? Yes, I say. Ice and a glass he says. I like it when someone remembers us, though it might not be that hard–a foreigner and his pregnant Thai wife, that can’t be that common, can it?

Brotherhood is easy going. If you don’t want to bother with a menu, everything is written above your head on a chalkboard, and I have a particular liking for that kind of thing, especially here where the menus seem as long as a Dostoyevsky novel.  Brotherhood is located at 17/20 Morakot Road in Santitham. It serves great food at super good prices, about 290-350 for a meal for two people including beer and a soft drink.




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