Nutella Stuffed Muffins, Simple Recipe (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

nm1A few weeks ago was the first time I ever ate Nutella. No kidding, just never had it, and I guess part of it is the price. It’s expensive back home, and more expensive here in Thailand…

For those Nutella lovers you may have heard about the passing of its inventor, Michele Ferrero…

Michele Ferrero, widely regarded as the richest man in Italy and — a distinction more notable to lovers of sweets everywhere — the creator of Nutella, died on Saturday (February 14, 2015) at his home in Monte Carlo. He was 89.

So RIP genius who invented Nutella–You’ve made a lot of people happy!

I thought about making something with my Nutella. I didn’t buy it, I got it for free. Nothing sinister, it’s not like I stole it or anything, there was some ‘extra’ and I just sort of walked in on it. It was similar to something falling out of the back of a truck i guess, but a bit more innocent. let’s just leave it at that…

nm3So what should I do with my ‘free’ Nutella? I guess I could just stick a big fork in it and eat it, or put it on something–peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches I guess. I figure I’d bake something with it, sort of like when I get other things for free–like cheese for example.

Muffins? Why not. I can go for a kind of paying homage to the inventor of Nutella. A stuffed muffin, yeah, looks awesome doesn’t it. I found it somewhere, and it looked OK, a very simple recipe that makes a good muffin. I need to make some adjustments, I could have been softer (moisture) I’m thinking. It would taste better if the muffin itself had a bit more flavor, say adding a banana or two…

nm2I’ll work in it, but its not bad as it is…

You can try it here if you’d like.

Next time to make a moister cake I’ll add brown sugar instead of white, a bit of yogurt or apple sauce, or maybe a bit more oil.





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