Pizza n Pasta, New York Style Pizza in Chiang Mai (Thailand)

pp4I love pizza. I used to live on it when I worked in New York. It was easy and quick and always good. A pizza place in New York won’t last long if the pizza isn’t at least good, say 7 out of 10. New Yorkers know it as soon as they bite into a slice, if it’s truly New York style or some pale imitation. Hey it’s in our DNA I think, a few generations of New York types (I am third generation I’m proud to say) and we know it before we even taste it…It just smells New Yawk!

I was dubious about New York style pizza in of all places Chiang Mai. Though Chiang Mai has its fair share of Pizza, I wouldn’t rate any of it highly. Well, that’s not fair, some of it is pretty good–most pretty lousy, and some in the middle, good days and bad days. It’s all wood fired oven stuff, which is good, but I’m more inclined to go for that hard crust, chewy, cheesy style that I grew up on. New York style, I guess.

pp7Friday, after I took my wife to the doctor, we stopped at a place called Pizza n Pasta. This was on a recommendation from a friend. He enjoyed it, but knows very little about authentic New York style since he’s from the west coast. He liked it, hence the recommendation to try it. I also heard a few good things about this place from others, and I know that the owner (Tim I think his name is) is from New York.

I’m going to mention Trip Advisor briefly because Pizza n Pasta has seemed to get poor reviews on this site and I don’t think it’s fair. I found the pizza to be excellent, a little pricy, but when you think of the effort that goes into it, and the quality of the ingredients it’s worth the price. It’s a damn good pizza! We ordered a half pepperoni and half tuna cheese pie (14 inch–which is a small) and didn’t finish it…

Trip Advisor be damned! I don’t know what you people are looking for–but the reviews are pretty much wrong about Pizza n Pasta, and it’s not like anyone is paying me to say this, or I just have the back of another guy from my home town. New York style? Hey close enough, and if you can find a better variation of this type of pie send me an email or comment and I’ll make a head to head comparison. I don’t mean the wood fired type, or the stuff that’s rolled with a rolling pin. I mean these dudes really flip their dough, something I haven’t seen in years, so plus 10 on the authentic scale…

Pizza n Pasta is out in Hang Dong past the airport. It’s far from the center of Chiang Mai, so you need some transport, a motorbike or a car would work best. Like I said it’s pricy (390 Baht for a small), but in my opinion it’s worth it. Bring your friends because you’ll need the help easting it. Is it New York to the core, like I said, no. Is it as close as you’ll get if your here and looking for the real deal. Damn straight. Give it a try, 10,000 miles from home and looking for some comfort food, pizza that is.



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